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For over 15 years, Word Rescue Co. founder and copywriter Lindsey Kesel has been helping clients create dynamic content solutions that are uniquely tailored to a variety of business or personal needs. With a strong background as a creative writer, editor and producer for national advertising and marketing agencies, Lindsey has created compelling, original content for financial institutions, medical and legal industries, SEO, design and tech firms, tourist services, retail outfits, nonprofit organizations and more. Tight deadlines? Meeting them is an invigorating challenge. Unfamiliar industries? An opportunity to learn something new. Plain old number 10 package? A chance to push some boundaries.

Lindsey has a diverse background that includes everything from technical to creative writing, Web sites to TV and radio commercials, and speeches to feature articles. Not to mention plenty of marketing materials. And she’s walked every step of the process, too, from concept to implementation. Plus, with a marketing degree under her belt, Lindsey understands the business side that all creatives must answer to.

Hire Word Rescue Company as your content partner and you can expect sharp copy that translates your mission and spirit into effective communication that draws your audience in, establishes trust, and wins their loyalty.

Lindsey is a dedicated student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an aspiring actor and a seeker of environmental life preservers.