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  • What Clients are Saying
  • clients of word rescue company Kathy Lynn Harris, Amazon bestselling author of Blue Straggler 01.08.2015

    Lindsey is a sharp writer who can drive home a message quickly and effectively. Perhaps even more importantly, however, is that she has a keen marketer’s intuition — a rare trait in a creative writer.

  • clients of word rescue company Torrey Tayenaka, Sparkhouse CEO/Co-founder 10.08.2015

    Lindsey is awesome to work with! We send her everything from scripts, press releases and online content. Always great work and super fast. Looking forward to continuing to work with Lindsey for many more years.

  • clients of word rescue company Paul Louderman, Vice President – Acct Mgmt, Customer Communications Group 10.08.2015

    It is a pleasure to recommend Lindsey Kesel as a copywriter. I worked with Lindsey on several of our direct response accounts and found her to be very well prepared whether it be with a direct mail or an e-marketing client. Clients loved working with Lindsey because she provided them not only what they asked for but she pushed our clients to think outside of the box! Lindsey’s writing skills are outstanding. She has the unique ability to explain very complex issues in everyday words.

  • clients of word rescue company Jonathon Fashbaugh, President – Pro Impressions Marketing Group 10.08.2015

    Lindsey is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, yet creative writer. The diversity in the styles/moods that she can write in makes her hugely versatile and invaluable to any copywriting project.

  • clients of word rescue company Shevaun Low, Senior Planner, ICX Transportation Group 10.08.2015

    Word Rescue Company is a consistently reliable source for content. Lindsey has a refreshingly positive attitude and the natural ability to present information to specific target audiences in a way that is both informative and compelling. She is especially talented at taking large pieces of content and extracting the valuable heart of the message with clarity and conciseness. In addition to this, her availability and willingness to provide drafts with quick turnaround times are the reasons we continue to choose to work with the Word Rescue Company.

  • clients of word rescue company Sushil Wenholz, VP, Creative Director, CCG 10.08.2015

    I love working with Lindsey! Whether as my co-worker at CCG (a direct marketing agency) or one of my favorite freelancers, Lindsey has always been enthusiastic to tackle new challenges — from unfamiliar industries and topics to fresh formats. She has a way of adding a little sparkle to even dry subject matter, and she is one of my most-used proofreaders. Plus, she never misses a deadline!

  • clients of word rescue company Jamie Desmond, Email Campaign Producer/ BSA, Epsilon 10.08.2015

    Lindsey always gives 110% to any project she tackles, and she always gets it done with a smile. She is an excellent writer who takes pride in her finished product and would be a true asset to any company.

  • clients of word rescue company Steve Goo, VP Finance & Marketing – Hawaii Federal Credit Union 31.08.2015

    We’ve enjoyed our relationship with Lindsey. Lindsey took the time and effort to get to know our business and, more importantly, our customers. She always meets our deadlines and is willing to work within budget constraints. Lindsey has been a great resource for us.

  • clients of word rescue company Buffy Cushman-Patz, Founder of SEEQS School 25.11.2015

    This article in the current issue of Green Magazine Hawaii is the best, most comprehensive article ever written about SEEQS. The author, Lindsey Christine Kesel (who I came to know and like very much through this process), spent multiple days (and an evening!) on our campus, getting to know our students, our teachers, and our processes. She worked very hard to represent all that is SEEQS, and didn’t oversimplify the complex work that we’re doing. If you think you know SEEQS, give it a read… and get to know us better!